10 Reasons to move to Venice, Florida.

If you're still looking for reasons to move to Florida, look no further. I've got 10 reasons that will have you packing your bags tonight. 

The weather is perfect all year, and you will never have to shovel snow, EVER!! You will enjoy an endless summer because the weather is always perfect.

10 reasons to move to Venice, Florida

If you love the beach there is no shortage of beaches here. We have 14 miles of coastline for you to relax and work on your tan. The best part? There is no fee for parking so hang out all day and not worry about getting a parking ticket. 

10 reasons to move to Venice, Florida



You can enjoy outside activities all year. No sitting in the cold snow longing for warm days to enjoy the sun. Biking, Kayaking, walking, beach time, the sky is the limit when you have summer all year.


Historic Downtown Venice is a treat for all. Go back in time to a quaint little town to stop in for ice cream, shop a little, or stop into Venice's many locally-owned restaurants for a bite to eat. 



You will be greated by the most friendliest people in Venice. Everyone is from somewhere else and always offering one another a smile. We also love our furry neighbors. You'll see many bowls of water sitting around as you walk downtown with your fur family. 


Speaking of dogs. Want to go to the beach and bring Fido? We've got you covered! We have our very own off leash dog beach. Brohard Dog Park and Beach is one of the only dog beaches you'll find around.


FORE!!!! It's a golfer's paradise, play a different course each week or stick to your favorite.


Venice is only 2 hours from Walk Disney World!


Shark Tooth Capital of the world. Love finding shark teeth? You'll will enjoy hours searching for teeth looking for the perfect one.

If you are undecided if it's a good idea to move to Venice, Florida, we hope this helps. Ready to pack your flip flops? Reach out to us and we'll help you find the perfect Florida home for you.